Waking up to see that you had removed yourself from my life is the worst thing I’ve ever had to go through. I still haven’t come to terms with it.

I deleted your playlists. Music is supposed to be my escape from the pain but there you sat, reminding me…

I’ve been irreligious for a while now and it’s been great but sometimes, I wish I still believed.

I’ve come to realise that there are many things in life that people want to be shielded from. That’s why we immerse ourselves in drugs, alcohol, or belief in a higher power…

I started this wanting to tell queer stories from the heart of Africa, and I’m so pleased with how well we did. For Pride Month this year, I wanted to help people find community, and in many ways, we did that.

It’s been a glorious 30 days, and although we…

Let me rephrase, I don't want to be an activist. But when you exist at an intersection of marginalised identities, the world doesn’t give you that choice.

I am a genderfluid asexual aroflux polyamorous lesbian (those are a lot of identities, I know). When I come out to people, I…

Sometimes I feel… wrong.

It’s probably all the comphet and indoctrination letting me know I’m their bitch, but a lot of times I’m sitting alone, minding my damn business, and I start to feel like there’s something deeply wrong with me. …

I want to tell you about a time I felt gender euphoria. It was only for a brief moment, but I think about it every day.

So I was doing one of my most hated chores (cooking), and my sister was on a video call with her friend. She said…

I’m in bed now, close to tears, thinking about all the things my community is forced to go through at the hands of cisheteropatriarchy. …

What am I
If not a wallowing pit of despair
Who am I
If not a bastion of confusion

They say I’m a woman
But what is womanhood
Outside of manmade constructs and roles
That shut down the questions in my soul

What am I
If I am not a woman
What is my identity
Outside of the norms I abide by

Me and Gender
We exist on opposite sides of the divide
Lost to each other
Destined to never meet

I sit gently on a cloud
Wafting, waiting, hoping
Seeking clarity
Searching, trying to find me

We are the boogeymen that live under your beds
we lay up against the nails beneath its fragile frame,
The bed bugs drink from us, draining us
We lay thinly, weakly looking up at you

As you writhe and laugh, and scream, cry, and fight atop that bed,
We lay silently, always silently
To see the sun.


Existing as a queer person means leading a double life like some spy in a movie in that if that part of you becomes public knowledge every single thing is at risk. It also means keeping your partner a secret if their gender expression or identity will go against cisheteronormativity…

Emma Nwosisi

Student of law, writer. linktr.ee/emmanwosisi

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