Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

The sun sets on my Adigun’s face
He will be the last man I ever loved

It rises on Adunni’s
She taught me to spell love
Not in the conventional way, no

L is her smile
Warm enough to pry me
From the cold hands
Of despair

It is her laughter
That I yearn so much to hear
I make a fool of myself

It is also her tears
That tell me my anger is valid
Because it will tear down everyone
Who hurt my Adunni

O is the epitome of her
African Femininity
O is the curve of her hips
O is her rotund backside

O is the twin lumps
Placed gently in her bosom
They beckon to me

V is the dip
Between her legs
The hidden gateway
To celestial pathways

V is the pot of honey
Deposited by Gaia herself
V is my ticket to the heavenly host

It is where I rise
And where I will go
To rest

E is her gaze
That carries with it
Stories of her love

E is her walk
The jubilant dance of her hips
As they sway
Up down left right

E is her gesticulations
The way her hands speak for her
In the throes of her excitement

Love is my Adunni, you see
Adunni is how I spell love